The Munilaw Difference

As the firm’s name implies, The Munilaw Group has a particular and distinctive focus on all aspects of municipal law.

In order to proficiently and cost effectively provide Municipal legal services, an attorney or firm must be knowledgeable and experienced in, among other things:

  • Taxation
  • Election law
  • Land use and land use enforcement
  • Drafting necessary and proper amendments and updating of Zoning and Land Use regulations
  • Rules of procedure for the Zoning Board of Adjustment and Planning Board
  • Planning Board subdivision regulations
  • Planning Board site plan regulations
  • Municipal ordinances
  • Employee discipline
  • The RFP and bidding process
  • Providing advice on the sufficiency and enforceability of contacts
  • General litigation involving various departments, allegations of misconduct, general torts, and breach of contract actions
  • Assertion of coverage and litigation of insurance declaratory actions

The Munilaw Group strives to provide the best legal services possible at the best possible value. The firm takes the expenditure of tax dollars very seriously and makes every attempt to assist selectmen, as the prudential administrators of the town, in efficiently carrying out their good offices.

One way a municipal law attorney can help to save a municipality moneys is by engaging in preventive lawyering. Preventive lawyering means making a concerted effort to avoid lawsuits and requires providing continuous accessability.

Often, The Munilaw Group does not charge for routine or simple questions which may be posed over the telephone. The Munilaw Group does not charge for mileage, overhead, facsimile or normal copying. The Munilaw Group has no hidden charges and does not nickle and dime clients. The Munilaw Group does, however, pass on exact out-of -pocket expenses which may be incurred in the course of representation, such as court fees, sherif’s fees, binding and printing services for appeals, extraordinary postage, and making copies of voluminous material.

The Munilaw Group has never overrun the legal line item for a single municipal client, regardless of how bad the conditions have been. Moreover, The Munilaw Group has no hidden fees. Fees are based upon a simple, straightforward hourly rate. The Munilaw Group looks out for clients’ best interests in that work that can be done by a certified paralegal is delegated to a certified paralegal. This avoids the expenses of having a lawyer do those tasks which a paralegal is well trained to do.

There have also been several occasions which The Munilaw Group has spent as little as 23%, 25% or 30% of the appropriated budget for particular municipalities during years which the objective of preventive lawyering has worked especially well. The actual expenditure can, of course, fluctuate greatly depending on how officials respond and the level of willingness to cooperate with a system of preventive lawyering.

Importantly, as lawyers, The Munilaw Group has a fiduciary duty to a town just as do the Board of Selectmen. Whenever possible and under whatever circumstances, The Munilaw Group looks to third parties which may be, in whole or in part, liable for different claims, be it through insurance carriers, contractors and subcontractors, third party tortfeasors, or others.

Simply, The Munilaw Group makes it its business to get you the best results possible as the lowest possible cost to you. 

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