“in my opinion he is unquestionably the best municipal lawyer in New Hampshire”
                            –Hon. Matthew Quandt,
                               former member of the NH legislature &
                               former Exeter Board of Selectmen

“common sense approach toward achieving the optimum result”
                            --Armand Hyatt, Esquire
                               Hyatt & Flynn

“I can state unequivocally and without reservations that they are true municipal law experts. They take their work seriously and constantly update their fund of knowledge of municipal law and legislative actions or court decisions which may affect the various factors of municipal law.”
                            –Hon. Jean-Guy Bergeron,
                               Business owner
                               former member of the NH legislature &
                               former Pelham Selectman

“able to explain the most complex or arcane points of law on issues related to a transaction to any audience”
                            --Lester Firstenberger,
                               CEO Prime Media Corp &    
                               past Pittsfield Town Moderator

“We have been able to avoid litigation and large fees and settlements due to his abilities and knowledge... I fully trust Attorney Soltani in every facet of Town Counsel... I highly recommend Attorney Soltani to any town that wishes to manage its legal costs.”
                     --Joanne Randall, Former Chair
                    Epsom Board of Selectman   

“I highly recommend him for your municipal legal needs.”
                            --Biron Bedard, Esquire
                               Ransmeier & Spellman

" A good poilce officer's best friend, and a bad one's worst nightmare. Tony will get to the bottom of every issue. Dishonesty will just make him work harder to expose the truth. Let this be a warning to those few bad apples who have found a place in the New Hamsphire Law Enforcement Community and an assurance to the %99 honest, good law enforcement officers."

                               Lt. James Carney


“Mr. Soltani is a skillful and experienced professional from whom I have sought cousel on many occasions over the past 13 years. He is effective, and personable, ethical and reliable. I never hesitate to solicit his advice on legal matters, and recommend him highly and without reservation.”

                                Dr. Robert Wise

“Tony is a hard working conservative representative who strives to make life better for the little guy or the person who has been wronged by government. He workes to make ensure everyone is on a level playing field.”October 17, 2012

Robert Letourneau, Senator, NH Legislature
worked directly with Tony at State of New Hampshire Legislature


“Tony has always stood tall and represented those who cannot , protected those who needed a voice in government and stayed true to the constitutions of the United States and New Hampshire. Tony is a true hero for those who still believe it good to love your neighbor and your family and a hero to those who would have no one to stand up for them if Tony wasn't a State Representative.”

Bob Clegg, Former Senator, State Of New Hampshire

“After enlisting the services of Tony Soltani, attorney at law on multiple occasions I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and honest. He worked diligently to get the jobs done in a timely fashion. I am very confident in his abilities. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Tony Soltani for your law based needs."
elissa Maddock- qualities:Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“Tony and I have worked on any number of projects together over the years as members of the Board of Governors of the New Hampshire Bar Association. Tony is a smart, no-nonsense professional with boundless energy and a great sense of humor.”

Robert Mittelholzer, Attorney - Member, Mittelholzer & Dibble, PLLC
worked directly with Tony at State of New Hampshire

“Tony was the Vice Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee during a term when I was a member. He also chaired various subcommittees and study committees where I was appointed to serve. Tony conducted all hearings fairly and orderly, and was always tuned into detail whether in crafting and reviewing legislation, or arguing in committee or on the House floor. He is an effective advocate whose talents in the legislature are reflections of his being a seasoned attorney.”

Maureen Mooney, Fmr. State Representative, State of New Hampshire
worked directly with Tony at State of New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee

“Tony and I served as State Reps together during the 2001-2002 sessions. And now we are colleagues in the New Hampshire Bar. Tony is a knowledgeable, hard working and reputable person who has dedicated his life to public service. I, as well as others who are fortunate enough to work with him, count on him for is guidance and accurate opinions. Tony Soltanti is a person of great honor and courage!”

tPamela Rogers, State representative, State of New Hampshire
worked directly with Tony at State of New Hampshire Legislature

“Hard working attorney who doesnt give up.”

Jim Normand, President, Normand & Associates
worked with Tony at State of New Hampshire (Formerly Executive Councillor)

“I have known Tony while we were both in the NH House. During that time I found him to be a person of true honesty,up front on issues and very knowledgeable on the subject matter before us in chambers.”

Bick Bicknell, NH House of Representative, State of New Hampshire
worked directly with Tony at State of New Hampshire

“Tony served in the house with me. He makes interesting arguments, and takes a very different spin on things. He causes you to look at it from a different angle. That is probably very helpful as an attorney.

Tony is one of those people you get to know and you can pick out of a crow. Get to know him, and you will find the conversations enlightening. I try to talk to Tony whenever I can. You should too.”

 Lambert, State Representative, NH House of Representatives
worked directly with Tony at State of New Hampshire Lefislature



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