Police Discipline

The police officers that serve and protect us on a daily basis face stress and difficult situations every day. In the course of carrying out their duties, police officers (who are after all only human) sometimes make mistakes. Just as in every profession, there is the good and the occasional bad apple. Some police officers occasionally deserve disciplinary action. Many, if not most, do not. It is seldom an easy task to determine when a police officer has violated procedure, made a simple human error, or when (as is often the case) the officer did everything by the book, but there was still an unforseen consequence.

By the pure nature of their profession, police officers often find themselves, both literally and figuratively, in the line of fire. Making sure that police officers are held accountable for their actions, while at the same time making sure that all the police officers who are diligently doing their duty do not face either excessive or altogether unnecessary discipline for ceratin unforseen circumstances and results is a delicate balance that must be struck. To strike the right balance, many factors must be taken into account.

Our police professionals have immense power , up to and inclusive of taking a human life. Their testimony can deprive a person of money and liberty impacting great many lives  profoundly. They also have immense responsibilities, including protecting lives, liberty and property. New Hampshire has developed a high standard for police conduct, through legislation, rule making and judicial decisions. While the dutiful, dilligent, and learned public servant deserve no less than our higher admiration, the derilict, disobedient, and dihonest officers must face re-ducation, correction, and ultimately discharge and decertification. The stakes are simply too high and the responsibility too great.
After serving as both a police officer and police prosecutor, attorney Soltani is acutely aware of the struggles and stresses that police officers face on a daily basis. While attorney Soltani will never shy away from advising a municipality to take disciplinary action or defending a municipality for pursuing disciplinary action against a police officer for whom disciplinary action is warranted; attorney Soltani is also ready, willing and able to protect and serve the men and women who dutifully protect and serve us all everyday. Mr. Soltani is often called "a bad cop's worst nightmare and a good cop's best friend".

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