A number of important matters fall into the category of probate law and under the jurisdiction of the Probate Courts of New Hampshire. Among these important matters are matter related to estates and estate planning (including all matters related to wills and trusts), adoptions, name changes, termination of parental rights, guardianships of minors and adults, involuntary commitment proceedings, and, in some cases, partition of real estate. Handling these matters proficiently requires not only an understanding of the workings of Probate Courts in the State of New Hampshire, but also empathy and a keen understanding of the relevant laws, including many legal complexities and technical requirements unique only to New Hampshire tradition and case law.

Having been the lead attorney for the seminal, and national precedent setting, case of In Re Richard A., 146 N.H. 295, 771 A.2d 572 (N.H. 2001), a case dealing with the procedural protections warranted for indigent persons appealing civil involuntary admissions, attorney Soltani has evidenced both compassion and a thorough understanding of the laws relevant to the practice of probate law.

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